Hard chrome

Chrome plating procedure

These chrome plating procedures are available from us:


  • The ONE COAT PROCEDURE with high grade hard chrome with micro-cracks is the most cost-effective type of coating. Depending on the load, coats of 10 – 500 μm thickness against abrasion and corrosion can be produced.
  • The TWO COAT PROCEDURE consists of a 10 μm thick, crack-free hot chrome coat and a 50 μm thick hard chrome coat with micro-cracks and is particularly suited to demanding areas of application through its increased level of corrosion protection.
  • COMBINATION COATING, for example, with a 40 μm chemical nickel coat and a 50 μm hard chrome coat with micro-cracks fulfils the highest corrosion requirements. This procedure is very cost-intensive. It is used when there is heavy chemical contamination coupled with significant levels of abrasion.
  • The PULSE PEAK PROCEDURE: Through multiple alternating coatings with crack-free and micro-cracked chrome coats the highest levels of corrosion and abrasion protection requirements are fulfilled.

Chrome is not hazardous to health. This is why we can also certify its usability in the food industry.

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